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How to Choose the Perfect Cloud Disaster Recovery Services?

Nowadays, with every small and large company switching to cloud computing, it is certainly gaining popularity.  As cloud computing is more cost effective, consistent and suitable, it I the best option to adopt. However, there is still some loopholes in cloud computing such as data corruption or loss. This is where Disaster Recovery as a Service comes into the picture. Through this service, companies and organizations will be able to recuperate their lost information and data. Although this is a growing area, many users still do not know what factors to consider when choosing a Disaster Recovery as a Service provider.

Regardless of the Disaster Recovery services, technologies, or methods deployed, any Disaster Recovery solution you choose should minimally include the ability to:

  • Failback after failover
  • Cope with the effects of disaster on your site’s capability and enactment
  • Defend against the loss of stored data (which often has not been stored) during power failures – an increasingly common necessity in today’s 24×7 online business situations
  • Swiftly resume data backup operations (how quickly may depend on the regulations affecting your business)

The top most elements when selecting a cloud disaster recovery services are proficiency, capability and proficiency. Before considering any service provider, be aware of the duration they are working in this business and have a thorough check on their portfolio. You should always choose a company with more knowledge and experience. Let’s have an elaborate insight on things to consider while opting for the cloud disaster recovery services.

  • Once you get hold of a service provider, the first thing you should as is the number of recoveries the company has successfully covered. Additionally, have a detail view on their financial immovability, size of the connected base and the standing in the market of the company.
  • You should also cautiously go through the service level agreement of the company, which can be either standard or tailored. Make sure that the agreement does not have any confusing facts in it and ensure that it addresses your specific requirements.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge about the various details associated with the provider such as Disaster Declaration Procedure, Incident Management Triage Process and the geographic location of the provider.
  • It’s wise to ask them questions like what happens if I want to transfer my data from your facilities and how do I regain my information.

Choosing the right disaster recovery service provider is not an easy task but it can be done if you follow some tips listed above.

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