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How Beneficial is a Balanced Deployment of Public and Private Cloud

One drive, Google Drive Inc., Azure and Amazon are some of the prime examples of public cloud. Public cloud, in simple language, can be defined as platform of shared resources. It is the most suitable type of infrastructure for small-scale businesses, which yearn for cost savings. The advantage of cost saving is the outcome of the solitary ownership. It is because set up, maintenance and expansion of the network is the responsibility of the owner.

Private cloud is, typically, the option for large scale businesses, as costs are not a serious concern for such giant players. Their prior concern is data safety, for which they lean towards building and expanding their private cloud network. Among the users of the private cloud are some of the major data management firms, as they store and process the required data. The user of the private cloud are the sole developer, manager and user of the cloud infrastructure and are, thus, responsible for buying and installing the required setup.

Hybrid cloud allows the workloads to shuffle between public and private cloud according to the requirements. It can be defined as a proportionate mix of public and private cloud, capturing the utilities and the benefits of both the platforms. If an organization is using a hybrid infrastructure then it can use private cloud to use critical data and public cloud to save less critical data such tests and development workloads. Since, use of hybrid is pervasive these two very common example of the infrastructures that make use of hybrid cloud are:

  • It is of a great value for dynamic workloads. During holiday season transactional order entry system is very much effected by sharp increase in demand. For this reason it is a suitable candidate for hybrid environment. The application make use of private cloud and, at the same time, access additional computing resources on public cloud while computing demand spike.
  • Big data processing also requires use of hybrid cloud. A company can use hybrid cloud to store its business sales, test and other data and run the entire analytics on private cloud as private cloud is scalable to demanding computer tasks.

The use hybrid cloud has helped organizations curb their worries related to storing massive data as well its security. Use hybrid cloud has brought a greater level of flexibility related the use of cloud platforms. You don’t have to stick to using single platform anymore, and can switch between using public and private cloud.

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