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Global Enterprises Embracing Hybrid Cloud Computing with Focus on Cloud Cost Optimization

A recent survey on Cloud computing has revealed that enterprises are fast inclining towards hybrid Cloud. At present, 71 percent enterprises deploy Hybrid Cloud while 95 percent deploy infrastructure as a service. These figures are expected to go up for sure in the coming time. Done once in a year, the survey brought into light a range of issues for Cloud players. Following are some key findings of the survey depicted in figure below.

Top Priority for hybrid cloud computing

From the figure, it’s evident that Enterprise Central IT’s top priority is Hybrid Cloud (29 percent) with Public Cloud (27 percent) being the second priority. Now, talking about the challenges in the way, there are many – ranging from security, cost management to lack of resources and more. A look at the following bar graph will clarify which challenges have been the most troublesome for enterprises this year in comparison to 2015.

Cloud Challanges 2016 vs 2015

As is evident from above graph, deficit of expert resources tops the chart followed by security and compliance. Managing multiple Cloud services and cost are other complex issues that come down the order in the list. Out of these, managing Cloud costs is a challenge requiring due attention from enterprises as it has been growing since the past 5 years (see figure below).

Cloud Cost Challange

With Cloud costs optimization becoming a pinching challenge for enterprises, ways have been implemented to counter this tedious challenge. Global enterprises and SMBs are optimizing Cloud costs by adopting suitable techniques as shown in bar graph below.

Companies Optimize Cloud Costs

It’s clear from this figure that enterprises consider monitoring utilization & rightsizing instances as the most effective approach to optimizing Cloud costs. Automating temporary workloads shutdown and shutting down workload for specific hours have also proven effective for several enterprises in this regard.

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