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Future Predictions Of Enterprises Using Hybrid Cloud By 2017

IT industry needs the insights to make decisions around cloud adoption and help in identifying potential areas for cost reduction through consolidation, modernization, and application retirement.

Future Predictions of Enterprises Using Hybrid Cloud By 2017-1

With the combined collaborative effort and planning they may be able to predict future recommendations on cloud adoption. The industry needs to understand and have more clarity on the applications that can be migrated to the cloud today.

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Business needs to demark the levels of complexity and risk involved in re-engineering applications to run over the cloud infrastructure in the future.

Agile business solutions need to identify the ideal platforms for your applications to be launched upon public cloud, private cloud, virtualization, or bare-metal infrastructure

As per the Gartner’s predictions, most of the large enterprises are going to be engaged in a combined, private/public cloud operation, and often it is going to be described as “hybrid” cloud computing, four years from now.

As per the projections made by Gartner’s analyst Thomas Bittman, in a report “Private Cloud Matures, Hybrid Cloud Is Next.”  that the opposition to public cloud, that looms very large in most of the enterprise IT surveys, is going to fall away in the near future, minimum for the  limited hybrid operations.

Hybrid cloud is not necessarily a target and main focus as organizations go for their first cloud projects. As per Bittman’s report, “nearly half of the large enterprises polled have implemented a private cloud service.”

Enterprises have been opting for private cloud operations, as they require the speed of provisioning, the flexible capacity to respond to increasing demand, and the more standard architecture they observe operating over the largest public clouds.

They might contain the facilities and services of Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Microsoft’s Azure. Enterprise, today should have a detailed methodology about designing and building about its own self-service provisioning and automated operations.

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VMware, Microsoft, and IBM, all have launched technology initiatives for strengthening the future prospects of hybrid cloud computing. However, as per Bittman “actual hybrid cloud computing deployments are rare.”

Where three-fourths of those polled predicted hybrid implementations would occur in coming two years, Bittman scaled out a probability that “nearly half by the end of 2017” as per his estimated prediction.

Future Predictions of Enterprises Using Hybrid Cloud

Source IDC

For the adoption of private cloud implementations, Bittman projected, though it is not cost saving, comparatively, but have a greater speed of IT response, to meet the business needs.

To reach to that agility needs “investment in technologies without a significant reduction in operational cost,” as per Bittman report. Converting IT and end users to automated private cloud processes, an enterprise then has the opportunity of choosing agility through hybrid operations.

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In case, IT reveals public cloud use, that it follows a pattern already established in the private cloud, then it will be possible, in few cases, to get an advantage of the flexibility of adding resources, when required from the public cloud. There may be some limiting factors as well.

Only a few public clouds are likely to have a degree of compatibility along with a given private cloud. Application-to-application integration might not be possible for many legacy apps.

However, private /public cloud operations are going to be a logical outcome for the path many organizations have already started down, Bittman lastly concluded.

With undeniable advantages of cloud, enterprises are shifting aggressively toward cloud investments. Mostly, startups and SMBs have had the advantages of beginning their IT journey in the cloud era, adapting to the new cloud technologies as a standard of their long-term IT strategy.

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