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Features of Integrated Cloud Model

What are Public & Private clouds?

Public cloud is an inexpensive domain to store, collect, share data with co-workers. This platform allows high scalability and is not location-specific.

Is a restricted expensive domain for an organization to collect, store and transfer data. One special feature of this domain is that sensitive data is usually stored with encrypted.

Meaning & Advantages of Hybrid Cloud Domain

This model offers varied benefits for enterprises because it integrates the features of private and public domains on the internet.  The usage of this domain is beneficial to organisations as it provides them large scalability besides security. There are three cloud computing models to choose from, namely; public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

A company uses this platform to retain the data of its business transactions, work requirements and running analytical queries. Organizations have the flexibility to choose private platform for placing critical data while the public mode can be used to store non-sensitive data.

This is a cost effective and secured feature for organisations to carry-out their work demands. This offers data security, vast storage and expansive scalability in addition to precision, portability of data applications and efficiency via Hybrid Clouds.

One of the benefits of hybrid cloud is to start by storing lesser critical data before storing it in bulk. It is still advisable to hire a consulting partner to get optimal usage benefit. With this module, companies can merge the public domain with their company’s existing data center.

In this integrated model, companies can seamlessly move from one model to another without any restriction. Therefore, it enhances agility. Hybrid Cloud computing increases cost-effectiveness by managing capital expenditure, competition and computer assistance. By using this technology, it becomes easier to introduce more applications, functions and brings more flexibility.

Challenges Faced by this Integrated Model

However, this portal has its own flip sides too. Although this model is safer in comparison to the public domain, it is not fool-proof. It can be hacked by cyber attackers and the data could be lost.

Another challenge that this domain has to face is- latency. It is postulated that the time required to quickly transfer the data for critical computing must be minimum. However, the real-time taken to do so is not the same. For example – to predict an earthquake, the seismic and meteorological departments need to disseminate data in minimum time.

Companies must protect their customers and their data from interception. Everything in IT world is prone to attacks and has similar flaws. Single points of failure in networking can place hybrid cloud computing to a halt. Companies are advised to ensure that they have redundant networking available at every level of cloud computing to safeguard all intellectual and technical data.

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