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Factors Affecting Cloud Computing Safety

Cloud Security implies the protection or safeguarding of data stored on servers in the Cloud. It means the presence and implementation of a broad set of technologies, policies that safeguard information data. Internet providers ensure that customers can trust their services while storing their data and applications. It is imperative that they ensure the safety of all critical data and only authorised personnel get access to them.

This term addresses both physical and intellectual security of data and how to deliver them vis-a-vis public, private or hybrid delivery model.  Most of the organizations are switching to this framework for their business requirements while ironically others are hesitant to embrace this advanced technology as they consider it not too resilient to cyber attacks.

Internet protection can be seen from two perspectives, i.e. from the perspective of the end-user and from the service provider’s perspective.

Hackers in the cyber world send infected emails, Trojans etc. to cause breach in security. Therefore, it is imperative, that one must be extra-cautious while resorting to the services that are provided on the internet. It is essential to devise stricter policies and regulations that can secure data like Fort-Knox.

Making Cloud security mistakes will not only lead one to lose credibility in the market but would also land a prison term. Keeping these few basic things in mind will help safeguard critical business and personal information stored in the Cloud.

  • It is advisable to adhere to the IT policies set by the employer.
  • Familiarizing ones’ self with the intricacies of data encryption and tokenisation; this would be an intelligent decision indeed.
  • Experts recommend having a good knowledge of data centre within the organization. Additionally, it may help to have a good insight of legal policies regarding the same.
  • Strong passwords with alpha-numeric characters must be used to protect data stored on Cloud. Create passwords in such a way that it is easy for the user to remember them but impossible for others to guess.
  • Passwords must be changed frequently and there must be separate password for each service.
  • One must always read all the terms & conditions on the contract form before signing it. It is not wise to agree to everything just because it is too small or quite lengthy to read.

One must always back up their data – whether it is stored in a public, private or a hybrid Cloud. Experts suggest using services of more than one provider, which will help retaining data in case any disaster happens.

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