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Enterprise Cloud Migration : A Quick Overview

It has been noticed that many companies are either migrating or planning to migrate to the cloud. Enterprise cloud migration is a better choice as it reduces the hardware costs, eradicates maintenance of software, helps out in scalability and the cloud’s economies of scale are never a problem. However, cloud migration is not an easy process and should be taken seriously. A proper plan and execution is required when it comes to cloud migration. In order to help out CIOs with this process, we have a look at these points they need to look out for during cloud migration.

  • Cloud Migration Strategy: The first step when going for enterprise cloud migration is the strategy that you need to choose. You can choose from various types of models, such as lift and shift model, rearchitecting model or a hybrid cloud design according to the needs of your company. It helps you in selecting the best cloud migration approach for your enterprise. Also, it will assist you to determine what you to be run on the cloud.
  • Cloud Migration Consideration: The second step in cloud migration is to get familiar with the cloud environment. Choosing a cloud that you have no knowledge about can create problems for your company. Cloud migration can lead to many rewards, only if you have good knowledge about the issues of cloud migration and integration. Some of the points that you need to remember are Office 365, hybrid cloud and also take advice from IT professionals.
  • Cloud Migration Agreements: The cloud migration process includes a cloud migration contract. You need to make sure that the agreement formed is sound cloud. Before you sign the contract, make sure that you read it carefully, so that you know what you are going for. You have to deal with some issues along with your lawyer while making a contract.

First, you will have to decide whether you want to opt for a private cloud or a public cloud. Private cloud is expensive, however, it provide various protection options that a public cloud won’t. Apart from that, as a CIO, you will always want a cloud with auditability so that you can keep a check on the performance and cloud services that you are using. When it comes to the details of the service levels that the company will be provided, you should ask questions before signing the contract.

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