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Effective Cloud Security Requires Clear Understanding

In the past few years, awareness regarding cloud computing has increased for a short time period. Few years back, cloud computing was a lesser-known concept among individuals. It was suggested that Cloud is an advanced technology, but there was no real conception. Now the cloud services have gained immense popularity and are well-known to everyone in the business world.

Although this trend has gained immense popularity, still there are some misconceptions surrounding the technology. There are ample of common cloud security beliefs that are not accurate and may have serious consequences for the organizations. To fully enjoy the benefits of the solution, the company and its decision makers need to have an understanding of Cloud and the involved security aspects.

Here are Some Cloud Security Myths:

The first one is there’s a notion that it is quite easy for cyber attacks to penetrate cloud environment as compared to premise alternatives. As per the researchers, the server is susceptible to hackers equally besides the fact whether it is installed on premises or it belongs to cloud vendor’s data center. Either of these can be vulnerable or protected depending on unique steps needed to secure data centers and servers in each case.

Another myth is that most people believe that there is a possibility of data breach in a Cloud based infrastructure. So, this makes the cloud to be at major risk and when it comes to public cloud, it seems to be more dangerous. In real life however, this is not the scenario. The virtualization creates environment and walls in between tenants within a given data center. This reduces the risk of threat against customer’s cyber attacks or loss of data within Cloud.

Another myth is that most people assume that they may not control the areas where cloud based data resides that can put their critical data at risk. This occurs in regard to compliance regulations that may differ from country to country. This can be overcome by choosing a vendor that prioritizes transparency and offer cloud services across the globe.

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