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Data Backup Myths on Cloud

Every organization cannot afford losing their critical data. In other words, data protection is of utmost concern. In the event of cyber-attack, malware or software damage, one must take enough steps to protect invaluable information that is uploaded on the virtual platform. There are quite a few common data backup and recovery misconceptions about the virtual platform.

Since, there is much hype about data loss in the world of cloud computing, therefore it is imperative that companies take appropriate steps for cloud data backup in the event of a loss. With an increase in the number of network providers, one must consider whether they meet regulatory requirements and whether a single password is the sole level of authentication.

Nowadays, experts advise a cost-effective solution to safeguard a company’s data and manage disasters through recovery cloud computing services. They further suggest commissioning a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle these technical aspects.

Following are a few myths associated with all three types of Clouds and these MYTHBUSTERS! DEBUNKING THE TOP 3 CLOUD will help eliminate all misconceptions.

  • Backup Plans are too Exorbitant

People think that it is very costly to arrange for a backup. Well, the company has to initially invest in deploying data from manual files to virtual ones in the internet domain. But, if seen in a broader perspective, this investment is worthwhile because, after the implementation of this backup software, the data gets secured. This strategy makes applications easily accessible and a seamless restoration work is accomplished.

  • Data Recovery is a Long-Drawn Out Procedure

Some people opine that data recovery takes a very long procedure. Organisations, which have availed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), will have a different approach to this. With DRaaS, companies have nothing to worry. They just need to set it up once and then, everything becomes automatic. In fact, this service is quite effective when data needs to be restored.  In case of a disaster, this technology will secure all critical data into a secure location. Restoring company’s entire data usually takes more than two days, but, this technology minimised this downtime to within 15 minutes.

  • Internet Interception Results In Data Loss

Many people have a misconception of losing all data when the internet is not working. Well, this is not true in the case of cloud. All the data of an organization gets stored in a safe location on the cloud. This is an off-site location where all information gets stored and can be retrieved as soon as the internet gets connected. This software replicates all important data from servers and data center.

It has been observed that it is easier to move data to the cloud than to move IT hardware to a new location. Therefore, cloud recovery mechanism is efficient and saves cost effectively.

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