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Colocation VS Cloud Services: Which is better?

Colocation is an outsourced data center space where you can run your company. You can also own software and hardware data center houses, power redundancy, cooling redundancy, physical safety, fire suppression and access to telecommunications carriers. Additionally, retrieving sensitive data is direct and guaranteed. Service level contracts are often more strict for data centers and providers that can copy the same information across more than one of their sites. They offer strong back-up services which are really helpful for the companies.

On the other hand, with cloud hosting, you can lease the equipment, the space and the manpower to manage your business and use it for the continuity of your work. One of the advantages of embracing the cloud is that there is no capital expense and also the services are offered on monthly basis. In case, you require more tools and technology, you just need to express your willingness for more.

A wide variety of tailored solutions are accessible that includes direct colocation, full set-up colocation, application and data hosting in the cloud. Many colocation service providers offer cloud hosting along with direct colocation that allows global businesses and organizations to take advantage of hybrid setups.

Colocation vs. Cloud Services

If you wish to have your own hardware system, Colocation will be the best option to adopt. Additionally, businesses and organizations that are concerned about the safety of the cloud and wish to maintain the sensitive data and information should consider Colocation. It helps the company to grow and build a private or hybrid cloud without compromising the ownership aspect.

If we talk about Cloud hosting, it is embraced by most of the small businesses and organizations due to the various advantages it offers.  It helps the users to avoid the need to purchase and maintain disk storage, servers and security devices. Cloud hosting is the best solution for companies that do not have the access to technology expertise.

The major difference between Colocation and Cloud hosting is that with Colocation, you will be dealing with physical resources whereas with cloud, you will be trading with virtual resources – which are quite expensive. A business may have to reconsider its public cloud planning after reaching a tipping point with rising cloud expenses.

Habitually, Cloud and Colocation can be combined to provide reliable and safe networks in the most cost-effective way. Both of these can help define availability, recovery point, recovery time objectives and can solve problems such as data center compliance and certification requirements, which are costly and hard to maintain.

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