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Cloud Computing Architecture –An Overview

Cloud computing builds a web of servers into a cloud that is easily accessible by all users. The complex and extensive cloud is framed with the use of several fundamental components and subcomponents. These components and sub-components constitute the cloud computing architecture. Broadly, there are two platforms that compose cloud computing architecture. These are namely front-end platform and back-end platform.

  • Front end platform: Everything on the cloud that is available to the users or clients is a part of the front end of the cloud computing system. It is basically the visible interface. The system of the client or the user is the chief component of the front end. All the applications that are utilized for establishing access to the cloud are also included in the front end platform.
  • Back-end platform: The entire cloud as well as its support system which enables the data storage constitutes the Back-end of a cloud computing system. It includes computers, data storage systems, and servers. It is preferable to ensure seamless security mechanism, traffic control, and protocols.

Another component of the back-end platform is Middleware – the software is called so because of its placement between the operating system and applications of the system. This consists of web servers, application servers as well as content management systems. All of these components help in the development of support application & delivery.

These two platforms are connected to each other through a network. The selection of network – The internet, Intranet or InterCloud, depends on the purpose of the business for which cloud computing service is being deployed. The network you chose for your cloud computing system should ensure high bandwidth with low latency. It allows users to enjoy access to data on the cloud without any disruption between servers and possibly even clouds.

A Cloud computing architecture is designed to achieve certain business goals. Ideal architectural tactics must be deployed to meet the high-quality computing attributes. It involves following:

  • Reference Architecture: It involves the components required for documentation and project communication, Stakeholder and team communication, Payment, contract, and cost models.
  • Technical Architecture: It involves structuring as per XaaS Stack, adopting Cloud Platform paradigms, structuring cloud services and cloud components, middleware and communication, management and security.
  • Deployment Operation Architecture: This step involves Geo-location check, operation and monitoring.

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