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Cloud-Based Apps Should be Dealing with Quirk of Big Data

A Cloud application is basically a programme that includes various features of a pure web app that functions in the cloud. Any web application or web app is mostly stored on remote server but it is delivered directly through a browser interface. Similar to the desktop apps, cloud application is known for providing quick response along with the benefit of working offline as well.

Though this application is highly effective in terms of proper functioning, cloud based application finds difficulties in the processing of veracity of big data. For any cloud based application that needs to deal with the quirks of big data, considering the three V (Veracity, velocity and variety) is believed to compulsory. So, let’s take a look at all these three V to understand the concept of how cloud based application must deal with the quirks of big data.

  • Veracity – It is a significant term related to the handling of big data quirks by cloud based applications. Here, veracity is basically denoted as the demand or the requirement of flexibility in order to manage the reliability of varying data. This is even helpful because at times there are chances that you lose your device’s data due to loss in communication and dried battery. Unlike earlier times where businesses were subject to process their own data, with changing times now there are chances that you don’t own most of the data as they are stored directly or indirectly through the cloud-based application.
  • Velocity – Another important point that should be kept in mind while handling big data through cloud-based application is the velocity of each and every particular data. In this case, velocity is generally referred to as data that are actually in motion. As we all know, in today’s time the movement of data or rather the velocity of data is actually increasing at a rapid rate, so in order to manage them properly we need to understand that our application is capable enough to handle the speed.
  • Variety – As the sub-title suggests itself, another important aspect of cloud based application is that it needs to be capable of managing both structured and unstructured data. Apart from the veracity and velocity, handling variety of data is also very significant. As mostly, data that comes through variety is basically unstructured, so keeping that in mind your application must able to handle variety of data types.

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