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Can PaaS Really Head Off Potential Disasters?

Absolute uptime is essentially required for a business relying on Cloud when it comes to carrying out business operations with the much needed efficiency and seamlessness. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) comes with disaster recovery & business continuity features that render maintaining absolute uptime fairly easy. So, as far as web based app development is concerned, it can be said that Platform-as-a-Service is the future. Unlike traditional development platforms, PaaS is highly efficient and loaded with surplus features that render it suitable for deployment.

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PaaS is proving its metal when it comes to business continuity & disaster recovery (BC/DR) and this is something that increases its worth by many times. A solid BC/DR plan is essentially required by every organization to ensure that their business does not suffer due to unavailability of data & applications. All businesses want absolute availability of mission-critical data irrespective of which location they are. By adopting PaaS, organizations can implement BC/DR plans in a number of ways.

Rather than going for on-premise and self-managed deployments, you must go for deploying your software with the platforms provided by companies like Google and Amazon as these make massive investments in maintaining their platforms that leads to uptime assurances upto 99.99 percent. When you opt for Google, you are actually getting to leverage the infrastructure that they themselves deploy for their own products. When you develop on something like Microsoft’s PaaS, you get to leverage the structure for software like Xbox Live. PaaS solutions offer simplified global distribution for all your software hosted in the Cloud.

Attractive Plans Available for Application Hosting

You will not experience downtime in case there is any outage at one center if you deploy a highly available storage backend like Google Cloud SQL for your app. Also, PaaS renders dynamic scalability quite simplified though there may be cases of restricted availability due to high traffic volumes and not due to outage/disaster. Slow speeds and unresponsive links are the biggest enemies a public facing application can have. It’s also recommended to deploy scaling options of PaaS to increase the total instances of your app. Finally, the BC/DR features of PaaS will assure that your business continuity plans are being executed correctly.

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