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Best Solutions for some Major Data Center Problems

A data center, in simple language, is a place where all business related knowledge and information is stored. But it not as simple as it seems. With the amount of data growing very fast, complications are increasing and so are the related problems. Though data centers are enlarging to catch up with the speed of mushrooming data, they need sophisticated solutions to tackle serious data center problems like

5 Major Problems Faced by Data Centers:

  • Reporting at the Time of Occurrence:

Manual readings take the time to be recorded and usually go futile for the current operations. This prompted the need for a real-time reporting system to keep pace with the daily requirements of information.

  • Managing performance:

Growing operations of data centers are posing some serious troubles for them in managing their performance. One such challenge faced by data center operators is power and cooling of the system at its highest efficiency.

  • Planning capacity:

Data center operators lack a vision about the utilization of their resources. They are not aware of the extent to which their resources are left idle.

  • Monitoring:

Frequent system failures have created outrage among the data center operators for the lack of compulsory information. This definitely requires some preventive measures.

  • Efficient utilization of energy:

High energy efficiency and costly operations catalyze each other. Data centers are expected to cut down on energy consumption and go greener as this would save their cost to be used to their advantage.

Since almost all the data centers are facing these problems; engineers have come with top five data center solutions to fight these stumbling blocks as given below –


  • Production Cloud solutions:

Production cloud solutions are the first choice of cloud data center operators. Data center operators have to first evaluate their existing environment to choose among private public or hybrid cloud computing solutions and then decide the one that best serves their requirement based on security scalability or flexibility.

  • Disaster recovery as a service:

An organized disaster recovery plan must be put in place even if there are minimal chances of a disaster occurrence. When strategizing disaster management, plan an infrastructure that is cost effective, has minimum downtime and provides full recovery support 24×7. Disaster recovery as a service is just the right solution for disaster management.

  • Managed security solutions:

While hackers are waiting eagerly to invade your databases, there are some very sophisticated tools lined up to protect your critical information from the attacked. Anti-virus protection, firewall, intrusion prevention & detection and web content filtering are just a few solutions to name that bar hackers from disrupting your crucial business information.

  • Cloud portal:

Getting a cloud portal installed will solve all your worries of managing your data center solutions.

  • Integrated systems:

Like in a computer, hardware & software together boost the efficiency of a system – same is the flow of operations in the case of the data center. An integrated system of some of the dominant hardware and software can significantly improve the efficiency, flexibility and cost per user.

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