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Any Idea Where your Cloud Services are in 2015

Whether you are operating your business in a private cloud or public, and even if you are not aware about its usage, you are already using it. Cloud services are mostly the services hosted on the internet. But do you know where these cloud services are mostly used? Well, in this blog, I will let you know the areas where these services have a great demand and are being used.

The demand for the services is increasing as the companies are finding it beneficial. Small business enterprises are adopting it. The current study revealed how technology is fueling the growth. More than 64% respondents are achieving quick results from cloud computing resource. Only 2% of the population is not investing in the cloud services. Moreover, those looking for an IT innovation are choosing it for their betterment and growth.

You need to be MSP if you want to take an advantage of the services. Through this, you can explore multiple services and can better do your homework. You need not to sell the cloud, just talk to the customers about their preferences, challenges, priorities and their impact on delivery model and business needs. You can either make cloud service a new part of an existing offering or could make it an entirely new service line. Don’t aim to the MSP that is least expensive on the block. Irrespective of the Cloud services you select, ensure that your offerings are not price based. Also do make sure that your offering is distinctive. This is important because if you’re doing the exact thing that others are doing too, then you have a price constraint.

Cloud isn’t going anywhere and MSPs can’t afford to ignore the various new cloud services proliferating in the business and technology world. If you wish to continue growing your business, you need to evolve to meet market demands & requirements. The point is not to just jump into cloud – but to analyze the situation and then make a calculated risk for your business.

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