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Answers to Few Major HIPAA-Compliant Hosting Questions

Cloud-based solutions for healthcare providers have enhanced the quality of their services and improved their efficiency.  With advanced and responsive cloud infrastructure, healthcare organizations are able to meet the growing patient demand. Also, it helps in curbing the problem of decreasing reimbursements. However, there are some HIPAA compliant hosting questions that bother the users or the clients using the cloud for their health organization. We have drafted easy answers to such frequently asked questions. Take a look.

  • What has caused healthcare organizations to opt for HIPAA- compliant hosting services?

The emergence of bulk data, such as medical records of all the patients, has caused healthcare organizations to think about employing in HIPAA-compliant hosting services.

  • What is the significance of BAA for a healthcare organization hiring HIPAA-compliant hosting services?

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) indulge in HIPAA-compliant hosting services for a health organization only after a BAA is signed. BAA is a Business Associate Agreement that states all the norms and policies of hosting services that the two parties give consent for. BAA makes CSP accountable for any possible breach that they may cause to the organization during the term of service. All the terms and conditions must be declared explicitly in the agreement.


  • How can healthcare organizations prepare for the cloud?

Virtualization is the first requisite for an organization that wishes to engage HIPAA-compliant hosting services. Further, the technology assets are required to be redeployed. Especially in case of a health organization, there needs to be a well-planned business strategy before starting a HIPAA-compliant hosting services. The organization must be very precise about its business goals & demands.

  • Which CSP is best suitable for HIPAA-compliant hosting services?

It is very crucial that the Cloud Service Provider you have deployed in for your health organization is absolutely conversant with the most recent OCR HIPAA Audit Protocol. It is an advantage for the organization if the Cloud Service Provider you are hiring is a HIPAA compliant IT vendor.

  • Which all IT services must be offered by your CSP?

Before you hire a CSP for HIPAA- compliant hosting services for your health organization, you must ensure that it renders certain Information & Technology related services to your cloud-based server. Some of such IT services are a private firewall, web servers for production, data encryption according to the NIST standards, VPN for remote access as well as dedicated database.

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