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8 Features Found in Hosting Green Data Centres

A green data centre is an enterprise that is used for the proper management, distribution and storing of data. Based on ‘green computing’ principle, it performs similar functions as any other data centre but with less energy and space.  The construction of this data centre is comprised of advanced technologies to ensure its user with smoother experience. Moreover, the designing and built of this enterprise ensures you with a complete environment friendly technique of operation.

Benefits of hosting green data centre:

  1. Environment friendly – One of the most unique benefits that green data centre offers is that it is designed in a complete environment friendly manner. Undoubtedly, the efficiency of its operation is really commendable, making this to stand out from other versions of data centres. Though it is featured with star-rated energy consumptions and efficient lightning or cooling system, green data centre promotes power saving facilities and lower operating cost.
  1. Maximum building efficiency – With the introduction of green data centre, there are certain changes that are made for the enhancement of its working efficiency. It is equipped with hot and cold air aisle containment, which increases the speed and reduces power consumption. Normal lights are now replaced by Led lights that decrease the consumption of power approximately by 80%.

 Best features of hosting green data centre:

  1. Water Side Economization – It helps in providing lower cost ownership and increases the ability of any kind of fault tolerance. It basically uses the outside air instead of child water loop to remove the internal heat. This helps in minimizing chillier operation of compressor.
  1. High-efficiency UPS – Unlike any other UPS that wastes approximately 20% of energy, the UPS of green data centre saves up to 99% of energy. This is the major reason why it incredibly reduces the heat production and delivers more to the user.
  1. Electronic Communication Fans- The motors used in Electronic communication fans run DC current, which allows for digital control over their rotational speed. The use of DC current significantly reduces the amount of power consumed.
  1. Cold Isle containment – This methodology helps in reducing the mixing of cold supply air and hot return air. It basically benefits its user to conserve energy while using it for better functioning and maintain ecological balance. Additionally, it enables the capabilities of fault tolerance when the operation is in process.
  1. Demand based cooling – With demand based cooling, data centres modulates the consumption of temperature to avoid wastage of energy. It helps in the proper management and ensures perfect amount of cooling, neither too much nor too less.

Fortunately, the most environment friendly data centre is ready for its user to ensure them with lesser carbon footprints by implementing green initiatives.

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