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Unfolding the Essence of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting software is like conventional, desktop based solutions, the ONLY difference is that it is hosted on remote servers.

Data is sent over the “cloud” where it is processed and stored. The advantages to the end user include accessibility of the real-time data from anyplace with an Internet connection, and from any device–including laptops, Smartphone, and tablets.

Employees are empowered with instant broad visibility of information/data and able to collaborate more efficiently. Particularly for the business owners, giving sigh of relief and peace of mind from routine maintenance and software updates. These are managed by the SaaS (Software as a Service) provider.

cloud computing accounting solution

Cloud accounting solutions are often based on subscription, and customers are allowed to upgrade their monthly or annual plans to address the gradually growing needs of a business. Such pricing model is similar to popular consumer SaaS providers like Google Apps, Netflix, and Dropbox.

The often changing business requirements are another significant factor to consider cloud solutions. On demand measured services, no contracts to lock you in with a specific vendor or cloud accounting technology.

As per Intuit’s e-book “The Application of Small Business”, it is assumed that 78 percent of small businesses are going to depend on cloud technology by 2020. This makes sense when you observe that under the SaaS business model, providers are incentivized to innovate and provide dedicated customer care.


For start-Ups, starting right away with a cloud solution is as easy as signing up. However, already established businesses needs to plan the migration with the assurance that sensitive data are kept safe and secure.
Fortunately, the cloud accounting solution providers Techarex Networks offers a QuickBooks Cloud hosting solution giving the seamless transition from traditional desktop based solutions. Several business owners who shifted over to cloud accounting technology have experienced cost savings and much greater efficiencies in day to day operations.

Listed below are the major advantages to consider while researching cloud accounting solutions:

1. Safe and secure storage of mission-critical data

Cloud accounting solution like QuickBooks Hosting from Techarex Networks provides better secure encrypted methods for storing financial information, in comparison to the desktop based software.
With No Data LOSS, data is routinely backed up over to servers at multiple locations via the SaaS provider, and there exists no physical hard drives or computers holding sensitive data. Consequently, the risks of natural disasters and fires are also mitigated.

2. Automatically synchronize data

Cloud accounting software does the heavy lifting such that you can spend your time on other important business tasks. Automatically sync your bank accounts hence you don’t have to manually import transactions or examine expenses. In case 84 percent of businesses using cloud software are cutting their application costs.

3. Measured Services: Pay as you use

Small businesses often experience changing requirements, which makes opting software with future growth in mind and optimum cost utilization.

Cloud accounting software permits businesses to purchase what they require and accelerates business growth. This consists of adding more users, storage space, and more trendy features.

4. Multi-user accessibility

Once your business is looking to outsource accounting tasks, Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution can help scale you up in a cost-effective and controlled manner. The multiuser profound feature of cloud accounting gives multiple users a privilege to access financial records and bookkeeping process, at the same time. This is benefiting especially when they access remotely.
This streamlines workflow and permits you to ask your advisor and accountant questions directly, all based on the trendy up-to-date versions of documents. The multiuser feature enhances team collaboration and fast communication.

5. Data accuracy

Cloud accounting programs maintain accuracy via streamlining the data importing process and eliminating redundancy or other human errors that might occur. Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution praises Saas-based accounting systems citing the “built-in controls which automate the identification of duplicate entries, and restrain from other related errors.”

6. Prevent and intercept unauthorized access

The restriction on stranger’s accessibility of pictures or your Google documents, unauthorized users in your accounting software is the significant feature of the cloud accounting solution.

Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution login credentials for your cloud accounting software authenticate only authorized people to view and access your financial information. Data is fully private and protected.

7. Guaranteed Server uptime (99.9%)

For any software, software updates and periodic security upgrades are the mandatory clauses to keep programs running smoothly. Hence, cloud accounting software is no different. With Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution you are going to experience minimal downtime for such updates, however, will be alerted ahead of time.

How you can get benefitted with your growing interest
Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution is specialized in cloud accounting technology, providing small businesses a broad variety of features and bookkeeping abilities.
Easily accessibility of all your accounts and financial data, get paid, record sales, and track of all your monetary transaction in an organized way.

Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution offers various plans such that you can select the best service as per your business needs. The platform permits you to customize your plan as you scale.
You can sync transactions and access crucial operational data from anywhere. You are connected with your bank accounts and credit cards and other related payment transaction sites. You are more relax to focus and plan like scaling and growing your business bottom line.

Migrating over to the cloud will edge your business and manage finances, enhance collaboration with related transactional/operational parties. In case you wish your business to work faster and smarter, than Techarex Networks QuickBooks cloud accounting solution is the need of time and wise investment.

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