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Nutanix Acquires Calm.io and PernixData in an Endeavor to Expand its Enterprise Cloud Platform

A giant player in enterprise cloud computing, Nutanix, has acquired two fortune companies, Calm.io, and PernixData, expanding and enlarging its Enterprise Cloud Platform.

Nutanix has already executed a definitive agreement on acquiring PernixData, a pioneer in extension, scale-out data acceleration, and analytics. Moreover, Nutanix has already acquired Calm.io, an innovator in DevOps automation.

The announcement that PernixData and Calm.io is going to join the Nutanix family is a step towards Nutanix’s objective in terms of runtime lifecycle management, delivering application and service orchestration, and policy-based governance throughout all application environments.

By appending world-class technology, engineering talent, and products, Nutanix is ready to catalyze the delivery of an Enterprise Cloud Platform which rivals the mobility, automation, agility, and consumer-grade simplicity of the public cloud however with the control, security and attractive long-term economics of on-premises infrastructure.

Such addition is going to enable Nutanix to pioneer new software stacks for storage-class memory systems, improves its Application Mobility Fabric (AMF) with cross-cloud workload transition and migration.

Nutanix and PernixData share an architectural design philosophy which next-generation datacenter fabrics should keep data and applications close in context to drive the quick performance and to deliver flexible, inexpensive (cost-effective) infrastructure scaling.

With this pivotal common vision, the two enterprises are going to develop an advanced data stack to replace conventional storage silos and high-latency networks with novice and newer storage-class memory and trendy advanced interconnects. Such planned strategic investments in new server and storage technologies are going to give customers a re-imagined data fabric for a post-flash era of enterprise computing.

The combined teams are also going to focus on reducing the inertia of application data which inhibits workload mobility throughout virtual and cloud environments. Planned enhancements and improvements to Nutanix App Mobility Fabric (AMF) are going to deliver the flexibility to execute any application in any kind of environment, without business-critical sensitive data being held hostage to a legacy infrastructure.

“PernixData software has helped and supported hundreds of customers virtualizes their applications without compromising on performance and visibility,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, PernixData. “With extensive aligned cultures, talent, and ambition, with our dedicated unanimous devotion to 100% software-driven solutions, is going to look forward to supporting customers accelerate their journey to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.”

Unleashing and unveiling DevOps in the Enterprise Cloud

The Calm.io and Nutanix teams are going to work in bringing an application. This approach of selecting, managing and consuming IT infrastructure, is enabling customers to choose the right cloud for every application.

Nutanix plans to append cloud automation and management abilities for its present software stack for delivering application and service orchestration, runtime lifecycle management, comprehensive reporting, policy-based governance, and auditing services to support all application environments, including virtual machines, containers, and microservices. Together, Calm.io and Nutanix plans a strategy to bring together platforms, clouds, and people, on a simple pane-of-glass with ease.

A special day in the history of Nutanix’s , PernixData and Calm.io both have the exceptional unusual technology, solid engineering teams, and visionary decision makers with the ‘Founder’s Mentality’; they have predicted big and persevered against great odds to create phenomenal products. The Nutanix family is moving forward, building the next generation of innovative solutions, products and truly helping clients and customers to realize the vision of the Enterprise Cloud.

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