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Google now Restructures its Cloud Services Under “Google Cloud” Brand

Alphabet inc’s Google announced the launch of “Google Cloud” including  the Google Cloud Platform public cloud infrastructure. But also the enterprise versions of Android & Chrome OS, Google Apps for Work, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for the enterprise mapping services an the machine learning. This comprises to a significant rebranding in the Google division.

Diane Greene, the Senior Vice President introduced a blend of formerly separate the Google cloud products that is now you can simply called Google Cloud. This captures in bygone Google Platform developer cloud and all the consumer-facing productivity apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Calendar, Quick Access storage etc.  the group which is now termed as G Suite.

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According to Diane Greene, all of this was developed for the cloud from the baseline. Besides that, Google Cloud has been engineered in an appropriate way with the integrated systems including guarantees at the service level of all integrated components and meeting the service-level agreement (SLA) for whatever the price point choose by the customer.

She also states that the digital transformation and moving to the cloud are technical processes, they have the customer reliability engineers, customer engineers, product engineers, site reliability engineers, and all are there to partner with their customers as they evolve, deploy and migrate.

Google has also announced the launch of a set of latest machine intelligence capabilities and services. These include the features such as Team Drives, Sheets and Slides, and Explore in Docs.

Urs Hölzle, Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure announced launch of “BigQuery for Enterprise service” available within Google Cloud Platform. It’s now possible to update tables too and this transforms it from an effective analytics solution to a complete data warehouse.

This does represent a major new challenge to the public Cloud market leading company Amazon Web Services (AWS). At present, AWS offers Redshift cloud data warehouse. Microsoft Azure, which stands as the next major Google Cloud competitor, offers the SQL Data Warehouse.

Besides making this announcement, Google revealed where its new data center regions will be. Mumbai, Singapore, São Paulo, London, Sydney, Northern Virginia, Finland and Frankfurt are the 8 regions Google has pointed out.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that Google will even announce a brand new data center region once a month for its Cloud Platform.

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The Cloud Machine Learning Platform service that was previously announced is available currently from Google in beta. It was announced for this first time at the GCP Next conference of Google in March. Ever since its first announcement, there has been a limited preview of that service since then.

Google sources have confirmed that the Google Cloud Platform currently has users exceeding 1 billion, which is almost right up there with Chrome, Google Maps, Android, Google Search, and YouTube. Google has some of the leading industry names as its public cloud customers and these include Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Evernote, Philips, Snap Inc. (Snapchat parent company), and Niantic Labs.


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