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Static & Dynamic Websites for your Online Business

In today’s world full of competition at every step, it is only your performance that can assist you to have an edge over your rivals in the market. For online marketing, it is essentially the way you connect to your target audience through your website across the internet. Your website is the face of your business. So, it becomes all the more important to host the most engaging website endorsing the offered products and services.

There are two types of websites that can be hosted for an online business, namely static and dynamic. Following are some details about the same.

  • Static websites

Static websites work like a brochure for an online business. Following the online marketing strategy, a static website has all the details about the products and services of a business available for the customers. Static websites offer limited interactive options to the customers, such as hyperlinks and forms. Such websites run on HTML. It is the basic coding protocol used by most of the static websites.

  • Dynamic websites

The functionality and flexibility quotient offered on dynamic websites distinguishes it from the static websites. A dynamic website is a result of complex set up. It involves advanced coding types, like PHP or ASP. However, working experience on a dynamic website is highly user-friendly. Also, it involves the application of a competent Content Management System (CMS) which helps in smoothly updating of content as well as easy creation of web pages for the website. Any modification in the website, its pages or content can be done in few simple steps. Any new web page, landing page or a campaign page can be added to a dynamic website effortlessly.

Dynamic websites have several advantages over a static website. It enhances the experience of using a website and keeps them involved for a longer time. An e-commerce site or any micro-site can be a part of your main website. Moreover, it boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website. Overall, it is a great way of promoting and marketing your business on World Wide Web. Dynamic websites also let you track the performance of your business in the market. It lets you measure the growth of your business as well as the points of failure can be determined.

Users today are smarter and more efficient to compare products and services offered by different companies online. Apart from price & quality, it is the experience on a website that wins over more customers. So, with a more piquant website to promote your business online, a potential customer becomes a regular customer.

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