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Preparing SMB Now For The Remote Work Trend

Remote work is gaining a foothold as the standard way of working will be done. Is your SMB (Small Medium Business) prepared for this change?

Let’s understand how remote work is becoming the norm into the business.

Several studies done via business leaders unanimously favor remote work.

  • The London Business School’s Global Leadership Summit conducted a survey. The outcome was that 34% of the polled business executives, entrepreneurs and academics declared that more than half of their full-time workers might be working remotely by 2020.
  • Forrester declares that this year is going to be 63 million telecommuters in the U.S.

Why do you require handling this issue now?

In case you don’t encompass remote work options you might risk losing current stakeholders and restrict your pool of future prospects. To become business for all ages, work and life have to entwine.

Today’s workers prefer to manage their own time. They are willing to work from home on occasions if that means they are free to accomplish other personal tasks and errands during typical working hours.

As a small business, another benefit of remote work is opening you up to a larger pool of employees and contract workers. If telecommuting works with your business model, you can potentially employ contractors and freelancers from all over the world.

Not only does it open up a wider applicant pool, it also expands your potential customer base. Mobile and cloud tech mean you can work and collaborate with customers from anywhere.

What does remote work really look like?

It is imperative to note that remote work increases the efficiency and the performance in a nutshell, as remote working allows you to connect, access, and work independent of time, place, and device.

A remote worker may work from home in case of HR requirement, visiting clients on randomly, and in the office for the rest of the time.

Such work flexibility centers on performance and resource optimization. Many employers and employees are now least concerned about where work is going to be executed. Both actually aim to get the work done meeting the deadline.

How remote work for your employees, clients, and other business stakeholders?

In case you and your employees are already migrated in the cloud, then you are heading your business in the right direct to make remote work an option.

With the authorized and trusted cloud service provider like Techarex Networks, you, your team, and all your other stakeholders can access top business applications from anywhere.

This ensures collaboration is simple and easy, and allows you to focus on workflow rather than IT, security or file transfer issues.

So, Are you ready for the remote work trend now and expand your business to attain global success?

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