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Intel Reveals Xeon SOC –Levitating the Bar for AMD and ARM

Intel has made innumerable developments on Xeon D, the SOC product which is crafted for taking Xeon handling power levels as well as product positioning that is now engaged with lower-power as well as drops routine Atom line, and the developing competition coming from ARM is a lot practical.

The recent Xeon D-1500 is strong indication of the fact that Intel understands the platforms required for hyperscale computing along with different output per Watt with density-sensitive assignments, both within the enterprise as well as cloud. The D1500 now breaks all new ground in different sectors:

It is the only Xeon SOC, with a combination of 4 or 8 Xeon cores embedded with I/O which includes SATA, PCIe as well as numerous 10 and 1 Gb Ethernet ports.

It stands out to be Intel’s first 14 nanometer server chips which are likely to be presented this year. An estimated process reduction might deliver additional performance with performance/Watt through the whole line of entry via the mid-range server this year.


The D-1500 efficiently attracts a deep line in the developing ARM technology and AMD. D1500, along with 20W – 45W power, provides the lesser portion of Xeon presentation when it comes to power or density levels which were previously allied with Atom, close enough to the expectations from the fresher generation of advanced performance ARM chips to check feasibility of ARM completely on performance and efficacy grounds.


A substantial share of the design triumphs Intel and will be rooted in the storage as well as the network devices, a range of lesser form-factor with ultra-dense servers are likely to be present catering to the workloads involving many minor servers make sense, like web servers, lightweight app servers or content caching, media processing, perhaps even VDI and a few others. A perfect example perhaps a new system broadcasted by SuperMicro which promises to convey 56 Xeon D-1500 servers within a 6U attachment. Where a minor memory or storing configuration counterparts the entire workload and remember, by many 10 GB Ethernet that these servers access network-associated storage professionally. This is striking density, matching HP’s Moonshot with advanced presentation servers.

Basically it is a pocket friendly ascending of compute capitals for a developing infrastructure as well as trying to continue with the torrent of mobile and various other data streaming into the applications.

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