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Checklist for Pre-holiday Cyber Security

For all internet users, it is imperative to stay alert and responsive against cyber threats by adopting requisite cyber security measures. Cyber security, also termed as information technology security, becomes all the more important when you are not dedicating enough time on your online account; for instance, when you are off on a vacation. Hosting pre-holiday cyber security includes several security checks and actions which reduce the vulnerability of your business assets to external users.

Before you go out on a holiday with your family and friends, make sure your resources on internet are safe and sound and protected from all kinds of theft, damage and disruption. Here is a cyber security checklist with some significant cyber security measures which every user on web must take to keep their resources intact even when you are offline for long.

  • First of all, it is most vital that users check their Wi-Fi firmware before leaving for a vacation. An updated Wi-Fi firmware slims down the scope for cyber threats.
  • Also, all your software patches must be up-to-date. Outdated software increases the scope for cyber attack. It enables easy access to your assets on internet. Either one can get new software or update the old version on internet and secure its resources on internet from hacking and other cyber threats.
  • To have access to any of your data online, there must be a barrier of a strong password. No matter how strong your current password may be, it is crucial to change it prior to your departure. Change it with a stronger password. Make use of letters in lower as well as uppercase. Also, do not miss to include numeric values and special characters in the password.
  • Frequent workshops or campaigns must be held or conducted online or offline to spread awareness among web users about cyber security and the possible cyber crime. Negligence can cause you big loss on assets and resources.
  • One of the primes on your pre-holiday cyber security checklist should be the reassessment of user access allowed to users on your web. Access to data or resources must be reviewed thoroughly. Special attention must be paid if some users have left your cloud or joined it in recent times.
  • It is very crucial that you have a reliable back-up plan. Its frequency and schedule for back-up cycle must be checked as per the amount of sensitive and confidential data stored on your online account.

Take these simple yet promising cyber security measures to preserve your business assets online. In your rush for a holiday, your resources on the web must not suffer.

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