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Working of Accountant in the Accountant’s Copy in QuickBooks

Accountant’s Copy can be used by an accountant to make various changes to the transactions on or before the date of dividing. Then accountant can send these changes back to the client, so the client can import them in the current company file.

When you are working in an Accountant’s Copy, you can see the QuickBooks title bar – Accountant’s Copy which is next to the company file name.

Note: When you’re working in the Accountant’s Copy, you can find that some fields are disabled. This will prevent you from making any changes and so you cannot send it back to your client.

Note: If the Accountant’s Copy restrictions won’t adapt your situation, so you can convert it to a regular company file.

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The Accountant can do following tasks:-

  • Edit the account and tax information for existing items. The tax line mapping can’t be sent back to the client.
  • Add & edit the chart of accounts. Merging and deleting the same is not possible.
  • Add, edit, and delete most of the types of transactions dated on or before the date of dividing.
  • Add new transactions that are dated after the dividing date.
  • Add new customers, employees, vendors, and items. In the Accountant’s Copy, some exceptions such as applying and display as disabled fields.
  • Create, adjust, and print W-2, 940, 941, and forms. The adjustments can’t be sent back to the client.
  • Make the adjusting entries.
  • In the historical period, can print 1096 and 1099 forms.
  • Temporarily change preferences.
  • Create new reports.

The Accountant can’t do following:-

    • Add, edit or delete the payroll transactions/items.
    • Send the results of the reconciliation back to the client.
    • Edit/delete payroll information of the existing employees.
    • Edit /delete the existing employees, vendors, customers, lists, items, or list entries.
    • Delete the existing accounts.
    • Import data from QuickBooks Timer files, IIF, Web Connect, and Excel.
    • Send changes to memorize the reports back to the client.
    • Send changes to the preferences back to the client.

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  • Manage service keys such as buying additional user licenses or to sync the license data online.
  • Enter the vehicle mileages.
  • Transferring funds between the accounts.
  • Use Budgeting and Planning tools.
  • Add or use the credit card processing.
  • Send user/password changes back to the client.
  • Use online banking services.

Hopefully, the concept of Accountant’s Copy should be clear to the users of QuickBooks Accounting Solution after reading this blog.

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