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Tips to Keep Your Accounting Data Risk-free On Cloud

With new data digitization technologies coming into the scene in the accounting industry, there was a need for traditional practices to evolve and embrace the change accordingly. This brought about significant changes in the approach being taken by accounting firms and CPAs across the globe in order to keep their services relevant.

The current accounting industry to a large extent has become Cloud technology driven. It’s only the positive effect of Cloud accounting that has made CPAs and accounting firms more than mere financial managers.

Cloud accounting has allowed accounting firms to carry out their routine practice in a more productive manner. It has allowed them to deliver much better solutions, act quickly and with higher efficiency while shrinking the errors due to data entry.

However, data security still remains a major concern for not only accounting firms but Cloud service providers as well. Let’s know in detail the different ways to keeping your accounting data safe on Cloud.

Educate End-users

You can educate your staff regarding safe cloud practices in order to avoid any sort of accidental security risks. Ensure to make your team aware of Internet and applicable Cloud security protocols. Also spread more awareness about threats such as phishing emails as well as other vulnerabilities.

Use Complex Credentials

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud accounting is that only the authorized users can get access to data & software hosted on the servers. It means that QuickBooks users can access their Cloud hosted QuickBooks using any device from almost anywhere in the world, provided valid authorization credentials are entered.

As login credentials form the path to getting secured access to your hosted accounting software, you must strengthening these points of entry. Setting complex & unpredictable passwords is the most effective way of doing that. So, ensure that the same is regularly changed for greater security.

Strengthen Wireless Security

Cloud accounting allows users to access data & software from wireless devices such as mobile phones and tablets. However, it’s well known that the use of wireless technology gives birth to multiple security risks. It’s due to the reason that wireless technology is somewhat more vulnerable as compared to hardwired networks.

Make sure that all mobile devices being used for accessing the software adhere to security protocols strictly. Also ensure that the devices do not connect to the public network having weaker security. Also make it a priority to have all anti-theft security measures fully enabled.

 Approach the Right Service Provider

Always ensure to approach the most reputed Cloud hosting services provider for hosting your accounting software. If you are a QuickBooks user, go for a QuickBooks hosting company that has many years of experience in handling clients in various domains.

Check out all of their offered service packages. Do remember to review the service provider’s data security standards to get a suitable idea of their operations. Check out whether the service provider has at least TIER 4+ rating datacenters.

Tips Cloud Hosting Service Providers Need to Follow

Having explained the ways in which accountants and CPAs can ensure security of their data in Cloud, now let’s know how service providers can ensure maximum security of their client’s data –

Deploy Anti-malware Tools

Always ensure that you use the best, updated professional anti-virus, anti-malware besides other protection tools. It is essentially required to ensure that the entire system remains free of severely malicious software such as worms, viruses, and Trojans.

Employ Multi-tier Security

Modern access control & security measures such as redundant firewalls must be well in place. Multi-step verification process can prove to be quite effective. Modern digital security measures can further ensure improved data security.

Access control measures such as TFA ensure that authorized users only gain access to the Cloud hosted accounting applications and data. Access & activity logs need to be properly maintained to avoid any data breach risks or possible leaks.

In the past few years, Cloud accounting systems have been victims to controversial cyber-attacks. However, recent technological advancements have brought in the most robust & effective data security measures.

The progressive data security data measures have the potential to ward off any sort of data thefts or intrusions. Modern Cloud hosting service providers consider data security matters pretty seriously. This has further led to several data security practices & policies becoming the benchmark in the industry.

Cloud hosting service providers have to follow these benchmarks for ensuring greater data security for their clients’ accounting data. Going for a reputed Cloud hosting company can keep you relived of all such hassles related to data security.

Experts within such a company will not only ensure that your accounting data is safe from unauthorized access but also will offer you valuable guidance on making the most out of your Cloud hosted software. It’s thus highly recommended to approach a reliable Cloud hosting company always.


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