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Intuit’s TurboTax Service Now Made Available to Developers

As a part of its endeavor to help people save money better, Intuit has announced availability of its new platform that allows developers to establish connections with its TurboTax Online service. Ever since the launch of this new offering, Intuit has got its new partner in the form of online lender Earnest.

This new program from Intuit will allow developers to build services benefitting the 28 million users of the tax preparation software. Intuit strongly believes that this will bring about the much-needed innovation in financial services, thereby allowing customers to solve their biggest financial challenges and achieving their financial dreams.

Though Earnest has already joined in, more partners are expected to come in the coming time. People having access to the Intuit’s open platform will be able to offer personalized deals to TurboTax Online users. Intuit also announced that it will be offering SDKs around tapping financial identity, documents, accounts, activity, and host experiences within the platform.

It’s also being expected that this will allow developers to reach the right users by leveraging rich financial data.

Student loans is one of the markets that’s being targeted. Intuit strongly believes that it’s platform can help facilitate solutions as it hosts both tax & credit score data. Its customers would be able to leverage their personal information via partners to receive suitable applications around re-financing.

Earnest being the inaugural partner for Intuit’s new offering is definitely not the most established business firm around. Intuit selected Earnest solely due to their ability to use data science for understanding individuals at a much deeper level.

Though future integrations are to be added in future, Intuit has made it very clear that selecting partners would be taken special care of in the coming time. Inuit is expecting to have partners having the highest levels of personalization and that too in a streamlined manner.

This is not the first time that Intuit has launched a developer program. Currently, there is already one available around the company’s QuickBooks accounting software that makes it possible for third-party apps to tap into the existing accounting functionality.

Besides the Developers program, Intuit has also been promoting the online version of it’s QuickBooks accounting software since long. However, the limitations associated with it have given more popularity to Cloud hosted QuickBooks, thereby giving more optimistic opportunities to QuickBooks hosting service providers. With this new offering now from Intuit, only time will tell how the limitations will have an impact.

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