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How CPAs and Accounting Firms Can Retain their Clients

In order to stay in business, it is very important for a CPA to know how to hold on to their clients and gain their trust.. Being a CPA, you would be handling complicated financial transactions of your clients and you will have access to critical information.

That is why most of your clients would normally do plenty of research prior to deciding to hire your company for their needs regarding accounting and tax preparation.

But the fact is that a minimal number of businesses or individuals especially in the U.S.  are fully satisfied with their present CPA firms. However, most of them are looking for a change.

Indeed, according to a recent survey, 36 percent of businesses in the U.S. are looking for a new CPA firm. Without any doubt, this shows that the CPAs have amazingly failed when it comes to client retention.

So what can you do now, to ensure that your clients will not leave you for another accounting firm?

You can follow these business tips for retaining clients –

  • Make sure that your highly experienced staff works with your clients

A common mistake committed by most of the CPA firms is to appoint very young and inexperienced CPAs to work with the important clients. This never ends up well as most of the clients have complicated accounting requirements, which a young CPA is incapable of dealing with appropriately.

Experience matters a lot in an accounting firm. Any kind of statement generation or tax filing must be done under the supervision of an experienced CPA. You must ensure that only the most experienced CPAs are dealing directly with the clients.

The experienced CPAs will be able to explain better about the complicated accounting terms in a way that clients can understand and appreciate it as well.

  • Never promise what you cannot deliver

One of the common reasons why clients get frustrated with the CPA firms is that many of the CPAs make unpractical and unrealistic promises. For example, they promise to prepare the tax returns super quickly at discounted rates, which is not really achievable in the long term.

When the clients realize this in time, then they end up becoming frustrated with the CPA firm. Hence, in order to hold on to your clients, do not promise anything that you can’t deliver.

You have to be factual and honest with your limitations. If there is something that you can’t do, then don’t hesitate to say no to them. The clients always appreciate honesty more than anything else.

  • Take benefits from cloud accounting

You must avail benefits from the trends in accounting technology such as cloud accounting. The traditional methods of accounting are no longer sufficient to hold on to your clients.

You need to adopt the new ways of accounting such as going for QuickBooks cloud hosting, Sage Hosting, Sage 50 Accounting Software Hosting, Pro Series Software Hosting, Drake Tax Hosting and much more.

You can’t allow yourself to be left behind as most of the CPA firms have opted for cloud accounting. If you still have not embraced the Cloud, then the question is why not yet?


Client retention is one of the major challenges for all the accounting firms. By following the above tips, you can make the right changes to your business and adopt the latest technology to become a valued partner for your clients.

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