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How Cloud Technology Gives Mobility to Your Accounting System

In the dynamic business environment, every organization strives to have workspace mobility. When we talk about Workspace Mobility then, it simply means to have efficient and powerful mechanisms to manage business-critical functions from any remote location, at any time and from any device.

Most of the businesses in the United States are rapidly moving towards mobile technology to manage day-to-day business tasks. As per VMWare’s 2016, The State of the Digital Workspace Report, 43 percent businesses is heavily dependent on mobile apps and technology to manage their daily business activities.

Unlike any other business departments, Accounting and Bookkeeping has witnessed major transformation. Now, there is a need to have an accounting system which can be accessed from any remote location and from any device.

In this blog post, let’s first understand why it is important to have mobile accounting and bookkeeping system. Further, we will also discuss how cloud technology is helping SMBs and CPAs, with limited budget get mobility with added security and scalability.

5 Reasons to have Mobile Accounting and Bookkeeping System

Earlier you may need to manage accounts and books of your business or clients only during specific work hours, but, now the time has changed.

You need to have the mobile accounting system that helps you work from anywhere at any time and on any device you love to use.

1. Expedite Customer Service

At any time, there may be an urgent need to update client’s accounts. In such a scenario, if you are not in your office premises then, it can become really hard to meet such requirement.

Having mobility to use accounting software, such as QuickBooks Desktop, however, can really help you expedite customer services and meet urgent business requirements.

2. Beat the Competition

Customers always love to assign their work to partners who are available round-the-clock to help and assist them. Relying on traditional ways to work on QuickBooks or other accounting software can really hurt your business.

With the increasing competition, it is, therefore, important to have the mobile and robust accounting system that you help your customers with 24/7 assistance.

3. Enable Real Time Payments

In this business age, businesses can’t wait to receive payments from clients and keep themselves entangled with a large number of invoices and bills.

By having mobile accounting software, you and your client can have real-time access to bills and invoices. You can also run payment history and enable faster and real-time payments.

4. Setup Scheduling

By getting mobility of accounting software, you can easily connect with your client or customer at any time and request to set schedule appointments and meeting.

5. Focus on your core business goals

It is important to have a real-time tracking of different financial activities, such as expenses, income and tax filing. By going mobile, you can easily check different financial transactions and activities, which are important for accomplishing core business goals.

Cloud Accounting: Mobilizing Your Accounting and Bookkeeping

Importance of the cloud technology can be estimated by the report published in Forbes Magazine. The report says that by 2020, 78 percent SMBs will adopt cloud technology to achieve mobility with added security and scalability.

There are numerous accounting software, such as QuickBooks Desktop and Sage 50 that are used by small and medium-sized businesses. By moving to the cloud, you can host any version of QuickBooks Desktop, such as QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud server.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting allows you to access QuickBooks files from any remote location, at any time and from any device you love to use. There are several other advantages of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting.

You can enrich features of QuickBooks Enterprise and get optimal data security, scalability and more at flexible payment plans. With QuickBooks Enterprise hosting, you can also integrate several QuickBooks Enterprise apps to get customized QuickBooks experience.

Wrapping Up

Business mobility is one of the buzzwords that have been determining business success in this dynamic business environment.

To get mobility to your accounting software, adopting cloud technology and availing QuickBooks hosting is the comprehensive solution.

To know more about QuickBooks hosting, feel free to contact us. In these festive seasons, we have several offers waiting for you.

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