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Need Of Cloud Accounting Communications System

Among the several Cloud accounting software solutions available these days, only a few offer a complete solution.

In case, accounting software really has to be at the center of accounting business, it’s a must for the software to act as a communication hub. In this blog post, we will know how Cloud accounting can communicate in much better ways.

Back in the mid-1990s, emailing someone used to be kind of ridiculous for few. It was because for sending the message, your phone line had to be tied up with your dial-up modem.

However, moving to a new form of communication was a bit troublesome for few. Moving to the new form of communication did not implied abandoning the old one. It rather focused on replacing it as the primary method.

Now in the mid-2010s, email seems to be almost outdated due to availability of newer tools. A full plethora of communication methods like texting, instant messaging, social media, video chat etc have emerged.

Serving the Business Communication Needs

Sending and receiving documentation is a usual part of any business. Email may be great for documentation; but when it comes to the optimal tool for documentation needs, people have different choices.

Nowadays, a lot of business is conducted with data in the Cloud. But though email often resides in the cloud too, there seems to be a disconnect between the two data sets.

Also, there is a need to effectively formalize transactions. Now, there are services enabling digital signatures and online payments. A number of online accounting software allow customers to accept a quote online.

Currently, Cloud accounting software may give some users the feeling of sending word docs via email, and adding notes to it. Different versions of such software are floating around but which one is the master version is what still needs to be finalized.

Real-time collaboration & communication is the real need for accountants at present and Cloud accounting software allows to do exactly the same.

Cloud Accounting Communication – The Present State

It’s very much true that Cloud accounting software provide various methods of communication depending on the provider. Following is a sampling of the different communications systems that are used for communicating with clients, customers, and team members.

The single biggest feature most accountants are willing to see is the marked ability to easily enable communication around a transaction. Just like how few Cloud accounting software allow attaching a file to most of the transactions & list items, getting the ability to attach notes as well would be great.

Notes would require the ability to be not only shared internally but also externally. For all the notes that only the correct users should have access to, you will like to share them internally. Now having established that notes would be the preferred choice, the question is that how all parties involved would get notified whenever new notes are created?

It seems like e-mail would be the best tool for notifying the right people about a new note. However, it would also be good enough to have a suitable option to disable the corresponding notifications. There can be an in-app notification system capable of alerting users of all new notes as well.

Another thing to figure out is the way in which the messaging system works. It seems like most software vendors would prefer the users to login to the system.
For more ease of use though, there should be a system that enables the user to reply to the email simply & quickly. The manner can be considered same like that of support ticketing systems.

The core idea behind such a system would be make provisions to prevent customers from signing up for another account. Hence, even though the customer may have to click a specific link to access an invoice and then respond to a note mentioned on it, it would not be a mandate for the user to login.

Currently, there are a number of online accounting software that prompt the user to login even to view invoices.

Is Security Being Compromised?

But what can we say about security aspect? With almost anybody getting an easy hold of the invoice URL, absolute access to the invoice as well as the communications history becomes much more hassle-free. It then raises the question on the security.

Desktop based accounting software thus have gained much reliance in this regard as the entire data remains in the user’s desktop. Consider for example Cloud hosted QuickBooks, which further eliminates the requirement of upgrades while also assuring high-end security.

So, when it comes to choosing between the desktop, online and hosted version of the QuickBooks accounting software, hosted should be the first choice. When it comes to the online accounting software companies, they rely on unique URL for preventing unauthorized access.

So, at least some effective measure taken by the online accounting software companies prevents their product from being a total security failure. However, accountants should consider the Cloud hosted accounting software option if high-end security and an overall modern approach to accounting is what they are looking for.

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