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Busted : Security Concerns With Cloud Based Accounting Solutions

I am an Entrepreneur of a small business and people advise me to use cloud based accounting solutions. I was uncertain to move our company data over the internet due to security concerns. I got confused. Should I adopt cloud based accounting solutions for my business?

If yes, then which is the best cloud hosting provider from whom I can avail services at a nominal rate?

I have always heard that cloud based accounting solutions are much better than the desktop version. The reason is maintaining data over cloud makes it available for all employees at any time independent of their location.

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Some of my friends believe that this is an irresponsible behavior of a company to put it’s crucial data over the cloud. I disagree.

Storing data on the cloud means that your accounting data is stored in highly secured data centers with world class protection of firewall security. Continuous backup and anti-virus protection are also provided by the service provider.

The following factors are the major challenges to maintain the interior system for the service provider.

● The physical server must be in a safe location, distance apart, cannot be easily reached.
● Keeping up to date antivirus software
● Proper setup of firewall
● Frequent, updated backup facility
● Redundancy to disastrous events such as fire and other natural calamities.
● Security of the workstations at data center

Only a few of the service providers are capable of coping up with the above challenges.

Behind these security concerns, desktop based applications do not offer remote access to employees. Though both “on premises” and “cloud based” accounting solutions have their own demerits but I would prefer to opt for cloud based option because it seems to be a more secure option with better user accessibility.

Another worry that bothered me was that the systems become inaccessible when the internet goes down. That’s true. The fact is that the power supply goes off more frequently in a company rather than the internet connection. Hence, it is clear that none of the options offer 100% uptime.

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This is just the glimpse of the situation. For the customized, business specific suggestions you need to consult professional service providers like Techarex Networks.

Techarex Networks is among the best cloud hosting service provider. It provides world class facility for cloud hosting of accounting solution such as QuickBooks. Techarex Networks provides high security to your crucial data and its technical engineer’s team provide 24x7x365 support for the troubleshooting of all issues.

After being convinced with the services offered by Techarex Networks, I have decided to move my accounting data over to the cloud under expert supervision.

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